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What Important Role Did Emil Sodersteen Play in Australian Art Deco Research Paper

What Important Role Did Emil Sodersteen Play in Australian Art Deco Architectural Design - Research Paper Example It introduced in Architecture irregular shape, curved lines, curved glass, mosaic, and stained glass. This new style flourished in European Architecture. Art Deco was a continuation of Art Nouveau. It offered in the twentieth century’s design - luxury, style and efficiency. It emerged in the years of 1908-1912. Representatives of this design style are Tamara de Lempicka, Rene Lalique, William van Alens, Raymond hood and Paul Manship.3 Art Deco reached its flourishing between the years 1925 and 1935 years. The name Art Deco came from the Exposition Internationale des arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes. It was an art and craft exhibition, which took place in 1925 in France.4 The exhibition, demonstrated the latest achievements in the field of architecture, interior, furniture, metal products, glass, and ceramic designs. Six months of the exhibition period drew about 16 million visitors from different parts of the world. The exhibition was gorgeous and glamorous. The famous French architect Le Corbusier, one of the founders of constructivism and functionalism, for this exhibition designed and built the pavilion by name  «Esprit Nouveau ». The famous painter P. Lalique built another pavilion with colored glass fountain with light effects. The 1925 Paris exhibition, as whole, became the final stage of development of design of the period of Modern or a transitional stage form of Modernism to post-war functionalism. In 1966, after the revival of 1925 exhibition in Paris, this art design style received the name Art Deco. Before that, the style was called "jazz modern," "zigzag modern", "streamlined modern". New discoveries of spectacular monuments of ancient Egyptian art (including the tomb of Tutankhamen, 1922) and the ancient civilizations of America made a significant impact on the development of Art Deco design style. In the period, between the two world wars, Art Deco was used in decorative art; today the term has become the synonym of ef ficiency. Art Deco design artists offered glamour and efficiency in their work. Art Laurence, one of the brilliant Art Deco artists, combined in his work classicism, symmetry, straightforwardness, and cubism on one hand as a part of Art Nouveau, and on other the ancient art of the Egypt, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Thus, Art Deco in design accepted on one side favorite themes and motives of Modern - more precisely the style of art Nouveau, - which were winding lines, an unusual combination of expensive and exotic materials, images of exotic creatures, wave form, and on the other side colorful designs, ornate carvings, visual abstraction, and abstract _______________________ 5. â€Å"Decorating in the Art Deco  Style,† Art Deco Style- Decorating in Art Deco Style, accessed May16, 2012, 6. â€Å"Lalique Crystal, Figurines, Glass, and Art,† Squidoo, accessed May16, 2012, †º Home & Garden †º Home Decor. expressionism of the past. As an artistic style, Art Deco denied asceticism and opposed to the minimalism. It focused to the past, embodied a blend of

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