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Latin American Revolution in Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Latin American Revolution in Film - Essay Example Henry Lane Wilson was an American ambassador, who considered the necessities of the population, but insisted on the theory, that the appropriate democratic government could not be formed by means of a rebel. Wilson’s aim was to return the prosperous background for the foreign investments to Latin America. To achieve this aim he formed the Republican Party and became its active member. The next term â€Å"caudillo cult of personality† refers to the political military leader of Latin America Caudillo. His personality was accepted as a charismatic image, supported by many people. Caudillo was the one, who could command the army and at the same time held the attention of the crowds of admirers. The third term â€Å"Cristero War coartacion† refers to the rebel in Mexico, which took place in 1926. The revolution bared the religious character. It was represented by a movement of peasants, who called themselves â€Å"Cristeros† and fought for the rights of the Chu rch. The Revolution of 1910-1917 years is the period of Civil War in the history of Mexico. It began as an uprising against the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz and ended by the adoption of a new constitution. The number of victims during the period of the Civil War in Mexico, according to various sources, ranges from 500 thousand to 2 million people. The Revolution consisted of four stages: In 1876, the General Porfirio Diaz, who established his dictatorship for the further three and a half decades, represented the authority of Mexico. Diaz continued the work of his predecessors Benito Juarez and Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, whose main aim was to modernize and attract foreign investment to Latin America. Diaz believed that, to achieve this purpose, it was necessary to ensure political stability in the country. As a result, he has made an agreement with the major factions of liberals and conservatives, and weakened the effect of anti-clerical reforms,

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