Monday, August 26, 2019

Critical Thinking about the Vietnam Conflict Research Paper

Critical Thinking about the Vietnam Conflict - Research Paper Example Meanwhile, the cold war was in its peak. Therefore, the US leaders hesitated to take actions as this could trigger tension which may eventually lead to World War III (Leuhusen par 1). However, tension became irresistible later after which the battle ensued. William, who was a US commander, led the US army in the battle. A tough war started soon during which a large number of people lost their lives. Media in Vietnam War In the contemporary world, the role of media in influencing the people has significantly increased. The media can significantly influence the people’s thinking either positively or negatively. The media has also played a major role in improving communication across the world. During the Vietnam War, the media had a pivotal role that had a strong impact on the way people conducted themselves then. The main factor that causes war is the differences among various groups that emerge from differences in ideologies and opinions. In connection to this, the media has a significant role in influencing people’s views and opinions on various aspects. Therefore, media can be a very strong agent of war. In the case of Vietnam War, the media played a significant role in influencing people’s perception as well as courses of actions. The media can also play a significant role in fostering peace among the people by promoting consensus among antagonist groups. For instance, people are usually influenced by the available information while making important conclusions about the war. The information they get may trigger negative or positive mentality about the war. The media have a significant contribution in this case. Therefore, the role of the media in the Vietnam War was too important to ignore. As noted earlier, the major cause of the Vietnam War... Capitalism and communism are two totally opposing modes of production. In communism, the means of production are collectively owned. In this mode of production, people work together after which they share the products equally amongst themselves. On the other hand, the capitalism mode of production is characterized by private ownership of the means of production. This is opposed to the socialism production where the property is owned collectively by the community. Therefore, the two were totally different from each other. Due to these differences, conflict was bound to emanate from the two sides. Both systems cannot exist in the same economy. In this case, communism poses a great threat to the American economy. As the world’s largest economy, the spread of communism could threaten the investment and other economic relations that America had with these regions. America’s economic interests were favored by capitalism rather than communism. In capitalism, America could easi ly realize its economic interests. In other words, these differences played a major role in promoting the war in Vietnam. From this perspective, United States believed that it had enough reasons for being in war with Vietnam. In real sense, it looked odd for the United States to go into war with a small country like Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam is located far away from the Asian countries. This posed many questions among the people. Many people believed that there were no enough reasons for the United States to take such kind of action. That is, going into war with a small country like Vietnam without justifiable reasons. In an effort to convince people about the logic for the action, propaganda machine was set into action.

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