Saturday, August 24, 2019

MBA Strategic Managment Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

MBA Strategic Managment - Coursework Example This coursework discusses a controversial issue of successful corporate alliances and focuses on researching of it's collaborations in modern corporative culture. For the most part, the authors of cited works have successfully argued that corporate alliances, and collaboration, would become a strategic differentiator between those who flourish; and, those who perish, in the global competitive turf. The hypothesis the researcher developed in this coursework are as follows: 'A company’s sustained growth and competitive edge is derived through ‘middle-ground’ strategic alliances, than extreme M&A' and 'Overly tactical approach, rather than building reciprocal trust, between allying partners leads to failed alliances'. After analyzing and researching three other articles, the researcher provided detailed describtion of each one in the coursework and offered to establish the answers found as follows: 'Strategic alliances are not merely a fad. Global competition and shr inking time-to-market for products and services necessitate long term reciprocal partnerships' and 'Strategic alliances should take a long term view in fostering mutual trust, and sharing of resources from a strengths perspective; to move up the value chain, and sustain competitive edge in future'. In conclusion, the researcher of this coursework states that getting to know partner's culture and how it influences, both inside and outside the business environment are most important and crucial for success of corporate alliances.

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