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New Military Interrogation Rules Essay Example for Free

New Military Interrogation Rules Essay The film â€Å"In the Name of the Father† had been based on occurrences that occur even in real life. The film gave us a close look on how our justice system could be manipulated in order to suit the wishes of certain people. The film showed innocent people being convicted and accused of the crimes they have done. The fact that those guilty of the crimes confessed their wrongdoings did not hinder the police from punishing the innocent people. The film showed how unfair the British system of Justice is. It showed how the police made use of their positions in order to justify their brutality. They have even made it a point to use brutality in order to make innocent people confess of the crimes they have not made just as can be seen on one part of the movie wherein Gerry had been beaten by the police in order to write a false confession of the sin he did not make. Another annoying part on the movie had been the fact that his father had been charged as an accomplice and thus he had also been taken into prison where he died. The very fact that his innocent father had been made into a criminal and had died in prison grilled Gerry a lot and thus he did everything in his power in order to clear his father name as well as his own, thus the title â€Å"In the Name of the Father†. Denying their prisoners food, and beating them into pulps can be seen on most part of the movie and the police did not stop their brutality until the prisoners confessed for the sins they have done. Dogs are treated in better ways than the prisoner had been treated by the police in the movie. The things the police did goes against the principle of what justice ought to be like. In fact, the brutality did not even ceased when the real crime offender admitted his sin. The police covered the happenings for such a long time until a lawyer came and meddled with their affairs. Of course, the unfairness of the justice system is not as bad as it used to but it does not necessarily mean that the unfairness of the justice system is no longer present on our society as of today. Being forced to sign a false admission by using police brutality as well as involving the suspect’s family on his hardship is still happening today. I mean there are those who are condemned as criminals and their family suffers almost the same level of torture the suspect’s suffer simply because they are related to the suspect. There are even times that even those people close to you are also accused of as accomplice even though the police do not have any sufficient evidences. Often times, we are deceived into thinking that those who are in power is doing things for the common good without realizing the fact that they have been doing things to ensure no one’s good but their own. There are certain rules on the interrogation tactics that are legal to use nowadays but it does not stop some people from abusing their power and still going on with the interrogation tactics being prohibited by the law. We should bear in mind that some interrogation tactics are not allowed nowadays. However, they still happen. There are many cases being reported about police brutality which necessitates improvement however, no such improvements ever happen because police brutality is still very common up to this point in time. The subjects of these abuses are mostly poor people because they do not have the means necessary to demand for justice and thus their voices are seldom heard. Innocent people are being convicted of crimes which they know nothing about. All of us should acknowledge the fact that certain interrogation tactics are banned by the government because they are unjust and it goes against the principle of human rights. Kantian ethics would tell us that each human ought to be treated with respect and not simply as a means to an end. Even using its anti thesis, utilitarianism, police brutalities would still not be justified since it goes against the principle of greatest good for the greatest number of people since only those who hold power could benefit from the rotten way the government works and thus it could lead to the disturbance of the peace within a society. However, these does not stop some people in power from disobeying the law and this could go on forever unless the citizenry decides to do something about it. Reference: CBS News. (2004). New Military Interrogation Rules [Electronic Version]. Use Of Aggressive Tactics Barred; 300 Iraqis Released From Abu Ghraib. Retrieved May 21, 2007 from http://www. cbsnews. com/stories/2004/05/15/iraq/main617654. shtml. Sheridan, J. , George, T. (Writer) (1993). In the Name of the Father. In L. OConnor, G. Byrne T. George (Producer).

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