Friday, August 9, 2019

UNIX SHELLS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UNIX SHELLS - Essay Example Hence, interpreting login commands that will result to the anticipated result. Undeniably, UNIX serves a critical role in the current technological knowhow though to date it has undergone varied and essential developments that give it an advantage over, which this study seeks to highlight. Compared to other operating systems as well as varied computer technological enhancements, what I like regarding UNIX is its speed (Liu, Yue & Guo, 2011). However, historically this has been improving since its inception in 1960s up to date to the extent of being able to numerous daemons that known to operate manually or slowly in UNIX’s absence (Liu, Yue & Guo, 2011). This is quite advantageous especially currently, whereby almost each venture has almost completely embraced technology in order to evade commercial opposition from competitors. Additionally, it possesses the capability of aiding multiple segments that necessitate usage of varied network cards by the firewall (Liu, Yue & Guo, 2011). Mostly, this is at least 32, which is contrary to the practical Netware’s support that has a limit of 16 and windows strictly limited to four (Parker & Morley, 2014). Another aspect that I like about this system encompasses its compatibility whereby poses a capability of suppo rting word processors including WordPerfect as well as StarOffice (Liu, Yue & Guo, 2011). In customizing this system, it entails adequate knowledge coupled how to navigate with ease to ensure the intended adjustments work as necessitated (Robbins, Hannah, Lamb & Lamb, 2008). However, there are varied ways of customizing this system whereby on my side I would encompass setting the right margin such that it will be prompting to wrap sentences automatically (Robbins, Hannah, Lamb & Lamb, 2008). This is without one or user having to execute that command with the aid of a ENTER key thus saving on time (Robbins, Hannah, Lamb & Lamb,

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