Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Marketing H.W Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Marketing H.W - Essay Example The production department relies on consumer preferences when producing goods. Workers On the other hand, companies hire workers from the population. Labor plays an important role in production, processing, assembly and distribution. Furthermore, labor wage rates influence the location decision. The facility location has a significant impact on transport costs. When a facility is located far away from the market, the transport costs incurred when transporting goods to the market is high. When the facility is close to the market, the cost is reduced. It is for this reason that companies want to find the optimal location which will save transport cost. Companies thus consider the costs involved before making facility location decisions. Facility relocation involves moving a facility to a different location. Facility closing means that that facility stops being function completely. In the case of relocation, the company should be ready to cover the moving costs of workers who move to the new location, and plan for transport expenses for workers who wish to travel to the new facility every day. When a facility is closed, the human resource department should explain to workers the reasons behind and if possible hire some to other facility locations. In a supply chain, warehousing helps in distribution efficiency and marketing. Warehouses are included in the supply chain because they are used for receiving new inventory, storing inventory, packaging and shipping to customers. Modern warehousing has more roles other than stocking inventory especially economic and service benefits. These include offering value added services such as additional processing in addition to storage and delivery of products. The purpose of warehouses and distribution centers is to store goods before they are transported to the consumer. The emphasis is on maximizing the space available for storage. However, the emphasis of distribution centers is the fast movement of goods through the

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