Saturday, September 7, 2019

International relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

International relations - Essay Example These agreements terminated the first crisis and it was covered by both international and United States based media footages including New Yorks Times, the NBC, and CBS among other United States based media institutions as well as the non US based media institutions including the BBC, the Hindustan Times (India), the East African Standard, and the Peoples Daily (China) among others. However, later, the North Korea resumed its nuclear program that was only to be discovered by the United States thereby leading to the second North Korea Nuclear crisis that all these media institutions also highlighted with a lot of concern. Nuclear weapons activities are matters of gravity of international concerns (Levs 01). Therefore, different media are trying to unearth all the activities and programs in different parts of the world especially in North Korea. Both the United states based media and non united states based media are equally concerned with the nuclear activities taking place in North Korea and other parts of the world including Iranian nuclear ambitions. According to the the Peoples Daily (China), the Iran government holds that its nuclear programs have no ill intentions, but are in place for the benefits of its civilians. Regardless of almost equal concern, the United States media groups including the New York Times the NBC, and CBS among others have often reported every inch of nuclear activities in North Korea and Iran will equal concerns (NBC News Staff and Wire Reports 01). It should be noted that the New York times and BBC are almost the first media groups that report all nuclear developments in North Korea. For instance, the New York Times reported that the North Korea has successfully tested â€Å"†¦ new higher level †¦ explosive power and technology of its control (Sang-Hun 01).† It is a fact that all the world superpowers are concerned with the nuclear activities in North Korea since its clear target is not yet established. According to

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