Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Employee relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Employee relations - Essay Example The issue is that such actions can lead to insurmountable problems involving sentiments of the employee, and his or her belief of ownership within the company. It is also difficult for managers to classify misuse because often the thin line between misuse and productive use of resources is separated only by a thin line. For example, an employee may use the department vehicle for a specific purpose and satisfy his personal requirements on the way. Can this be seen as misuse? Similarly, a management may not mind an employee using the company vehicle for personal needs as long as his performance is above par. Hence, it may be seen that classification of use and misuse of company resources in certain cases is arbitrary and dependent on the valued judgment of the management. However, there are some other official resources, the definition of misuse of which is clearly defined under the company law or a higher legal body. For example the use and misuse of email and the Internet can be clearly demarcated according the usage pattern of an employee. In fact, the employees browsing pattern and online behavior is enough to determine whether he has been using the resource in an irresponsible manner. The irresponsible use of email and the Internet can pose serious losses to the company while it can be a great productive tool if used responsibly. The improper use of the Internet can also lead to situations in which the company may lose important data and valuable intellectual rights. The Internet has over the years, evolved as a very cheap alternative to other forms of communication. Employees may often misuse the Internet and the email systems because they are not aware of the cumulative costs that may accrue because of the misuse. While many people are of the view that misuse encompasses only viewing objectionable material available on the net, there are many other ways in

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