Friday, October 18, 2019

Long Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Long Proposal - Essay Example Since we are going to apply our project to find the solutions of the RTD parking for people who are in trouble due to mismanagement and due to parking issues at RTD, we will be working all the community workers who are responsible to manage RTD parking, all people who are using RTD space as parking lots and all customers who are influenced by TRD parking shortage. The audience includes community staff, fellow students, passersby, customers. We will also be utilizing blue print documents and maps of the RTD parking areas. Our proposal is interlinked with what we have studied at university level. It is related because it deals with our problems as we are regular passengers of RTD, we are directly influenced by RTD parking problem, among many who are directly or indirectly influenced by these problems. RTD parking lots unavailability has direct influence on all students who require to purchase pass through school and being not able to utilize this pass have repercussions like it portray s financial burden on schools to provide transportation services to the students who are in need. Students studying business communication are worse hit by RTD problems because they are dependent on the RTD parking to attend their classes.

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