Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Justification Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Justification Report - Essay Example The TANF is a block grand designed to assist the needy families and child care in their own families, promoting job preparation and reducing the dependency of needy parents and promoting pregnancies and reducing pregnancies out of wedlock thereby encouraging the two parent families (Kean, 2000).Lately there have been complaints about the grant by those who benefit and other stakeholders, this complaint is based on the time period that the grant takes in helping the needy individuals. This was majorly raised and observed by those who received the grants in terms of money for their livelihood.This research is based on the level of satisfaction of the grant and the extent to which the beneficiaries are satisfied with its programs. It also gives the stakeholders an opportunity to give their opinions on what should be done to improve the operation and the satisfaction of the grant. The challenges that the grant is facing as a whole were also investigated. The method of data analysis was t hrough observation and use of questionnaires. The questionnaires were appropriate by providing the general view through the closed ended questions (Corcoran, 2011) and gave the opportunity for further expression by the open ended questions. The results were analysed by the bar graphs for ease of interpretation.Since the grant comes in different forms, those who found the privilege to be trained found it easy to improve their lifestyles by obtaining jobs and sustaining their institutions with their career even after the granting period.

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