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HRM2013 Human Resource Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

HRM2013 Human Resource Management - Essay Example The team was very positive with everyone’s suggestions and it further developed a great bond between all the participants. Everyone in the team was involved and there was a great understanding of each person’s strength and weakness. (Definition of team building, n.d) We had adopted Bruce Tuckman’s Team theory where the team’s development was split into 4 phases. Creating a structure for the group where each team member would fit in by carefully assessing each person’s ability. The team members attempt to have a leader within the group who would direct the team members. The team begins to establish rules, goals, objectives and work as a team together The last phase is the performance of the task by the team members. It is at this phase that the team starts growing together. (Teamwork Theories, n.d) There are different ways in which the team can be more successful. The employee’s attitude towards work can affect the outcome and negatively impac t the end customers. The team leader needs to ensure that the employees are co-cooperative which will increase teamwork. Respect is a very important aspect in work environment. As a team manager, one needs to understand and respect employee’s feelings, frustrations and respond appropriately than reacting to an employee’s non-productivity. The second most important way for the team to be successful is listen to the employee’s problems and not criticize or discount the issue. Acknowledging and communication helps the employees feel valued. The third most important factor that makes the team very successful is to engage the employees to do their work. If the company trusts the employees and if the employees are comfortable with the workplace, then the next level is to make the employees actively participate in decision making, publicly acknowledge the employees ideas and feedback. (Marlene, 2011) JOB ANALYSIS The primary role of a class representative to the board of studies is to be the point of contact between the academic leaders, students and parents. This role is voluntary and this nomination would be for an academic year. An effective class representative would provide valuable suggestions and contribution to the school community. This also includes several personal benefits which include many people, exposure and experience. This also provides a good platform to exercise leadership and initiate change. It also provides an opportunity to voice out opinions, concerns, feedback regarding the school. A certificate of recognition for the contributions and leadership skills would also be provided by the school thus helping them in their future jobs. (Class Representative- Job Description, n.d) Class representatives play a very important role in the school community. They are very instrumental in keeping the class in contact with the parents association and the school management. The main requirements or the prerequisites of being a school re presentative is to Be enthusiastic Hold good relations with the management and the class members Have good leadership skills Represent the class members views and feedback The role of a school representative involves a great amount of responsibility and leadership. The class representative needs to bring forward any opinions, improvement, suggestions and feedback from the class and take it to the management. The other aspect is to get feedback from the class representative regarding the policies, fees structure, and academic environment, based on the feedback from the school

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