Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Information Classification Plan For Kingsley Media...

Executive Summary The report is introductory to an information classification plan related to Kingsley Media Enterprises This report explains the importance of information classification and introduces three labels that can define any information, and the countermeasure that aid to mitigate the risk and impacts of information being exposed. Proper security measures must be accompanied with information classification and practical workshops for employees to learn how to label information. Table of Contents Executive Summary I 1.0 Report Introduction 1 2.0 Classifying Information 1 3.0 Action plan 5 4.0 Recommendations 6 5.0 Conclusion 7 6.0 Reference 8 Table 1 Security Classification criteria 2†¦show more content†¦Information classification assure confidentiality using a predefined measure to classify and handle information and whether it is allowed for distribution or not. It is also a good practice for information owner to know the risk and countermeasures of the information. (Oscarson Karlsson, 2009). Assumptions: 1. Kingsley Media Enterprises have adequate security preparations and are able to apply the classification rules in short time. 2.0 Classifying Information All information must be classified either a printout or electronic. The company must enforce policies and provide meetings to educate employees about the classification labels used inside the company. The classification label can be attached to the information but to pick the right label employee should read and understand the security classification criteria table. (Peltier, 1998). Over classification can lead to information being redundant or not being used as only certain employees have access to it. Therefore, labeling information as confidential if disclosing such information introduce severe damage. Non sensitive information that doesn’t require such a protection should remain private or unclassified to reduce resources consumption. (Protective Security Policy Committee, 2014). INFORMATION CLASSIFICATION CRITERIA Definition Examples Label HIGH SECURITY LEVEL Secret

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