Sunday, July 28, 2019

Leadership DQ 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Leadership DQ 2 - Essay Example This is an attitude that needs to spread in order for businesses to remain successful in the new economy. A new leadership criterion is something that is somehow easy to understand but shows some of the loop holes if not managed properly. It is hard to deliver the same idea of management to all employees. Some will insist in continuing to manage as they always have. The ideology teaches that collaborative leadership is an art of trust between coworkers, even if they work quite differently from each other. It may be that each one has to share the control of their authorities as these business relationships are beyond boundaries (Archer & Cameron, 2009). Yet, it is possible for diversity to co-exist. This brings a deeper understanding of the term ‘team work’ and justifies efforts to promote tolerance. LITERATURE RIVIEW: Different theories have different approaches and perspectives but it is never easy to implement them practically within business relationships. Implementat ion of these concepts can be quite difficult. Supposedly, as consultant, the Block’s Flawless Consulting Phases would provide the best way to deal with and win a business client peacefully. This theory is based on five phases which is a systematic approach to deal a client: Registration of a client and contracting a client. Discovery of the real issue and a thorough discussion. Getting a feedback and a final decision to act. Implementation of the possibilities and engagement. Extension to a workable solution, revision or terminating a task if not workable. All these steps are according to a natural phenomenon of human behavior. Using a scientific approach is supposed to improve the chances of success. Block explains that consultation is done when a client has a second option and a consultant has no direct authorities to implement the solutions until and unless a client wishes for something else (Block, 2011). According to the Leaderful Field Book, collective judgments and col laborative approach can often end up with disagreements among qualified managers which could lead to other indirect problems. Though a thorough examination and scrutiny of a case could be done on different levels, but at the time of deciding a solution, all hard work could be wasted in the absence of a single agreement. PHENOMENON OF RESISTANCE: The phenomenon of resistance tells that it is unlikely for a mass of people to agree upon the proposed deal or idea presented. This concept can be witnessed in almost every organization, but the most important part is figuring out how to deal with this phenomenon in order to produce the best possible outcomes. Some administrations are not flexible enough to absorb the resistance of their own workers. They often announce that critical measures will be taken if they do not receive a majority votes in favor. Here comes the role of managers. It is their duty to control the situation and stop it from getting worst. Both dialogue and patience can bring a brilliant outcome. Managers should think collectively and view the real problems regarding all sides. They must consider the perceptions of both administration and the employees and try to give the solution while supporting their decisions with facts and figures. In this process, patience counts for a lot, as any furious reaction can collapse the whole structure of a system. Sometimes it is valuable to think positively in consideration of the workers and acknowledge that they are the

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